Noble tombs were the final resting places of the khans of the Hordelands.[1]


The appearance of a noble tomb could vary greatly depending on the wealth and status of the khan in question, ranging anywhere from a simple grave to an elaborate burial mound.[1]

Most of these noble tombs could be found within the sacred site of Ejen Horo, though their exact location was always concealed to prevent grave robbers from tampering with the tomb.[1]

Cliff faces were popular locations for a noble tomb, preferably toward the top. Hills were also used.[1]


Khans were always buried with some of their most prized possessions since it was believed that they would use them in the afterlife. The favorite mount of a khan was slain and buried with him as well. On some occasions, valued servants were also slain and interred as well.[1]

A khan was buried sitting up with his possessions placed around him. The entire tomb was covered and remained unmarked to keep the location hidden. Curses were placed upon the tomb to dissuade robbers. Any slaves used to construct the tomb were slain upon its completion.[1]



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