The Nor Yudol, also known as The Churned One or the Evening Lake, was a lake in the Hordelands.[1][3]

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Located in the Katakoro Plateau, the Nor Yudol was named after the mud on the bottom of the lake that rose to the surface, giving it a brown color, and cleansing the poisoned waters of the Muren Tso river into the clean water of the Muren Khi river.[1]

Due to the poisons of the river that fed into the lake, as well as the cleansing nature of the lake's mud, the lake was divided into three distinct sections. In the western end of the lake, where the Muren Tso feed in, the water was poisoned, and the fish misshapen and violent. In the center, the water and fish were normal. And on the eastern side the water was rich with purifying minerals, and the fish were healthy.[1]

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