The North Gate in the city of Luskan was a guarded iron gate at the north end of the Upstream Span bridge.[1][2]


The north side of the gate was outside the city walls, and one would enter south through the gate, across the Upstream Span bridge and into the city on the southern bank. During darkness the gate would be kept shut, but was always guarded by up to thirty armed and armoured solders and a wizard from the Arcane Brotherhood.[1][2]

The North Gate, whose watch was led by the Nightkeeper of the North Gate, was a large iron-bound door and portcullis with a square tower to either side. Soldiers who patrolled the gate were armed spears and crossbows.[3]


Since there were no river crossings in this area that were outside the city's walls, as of 1370 DR a cable-ferry crossed the river slightly upstream of the Upstream Span. Each end of the ferry's route was guarded by the Arcane Brotherhood, usually by lower-ranking wizards.[4]


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