Nostilax was a half-dragon druid in Twilight Marsh near Phlan in 1489 DR.


Nostilax had an unusual relationship with her father. She was a cunning and conniving individual like her father, using the misconceptions of others to her advantage, but she also had a great love for nature. She venerated her father for his strength and wanted to honor her vow to him. However, she did not appreciate her father's choice of minions and his treatment of the surrounding area. She was divided between her loyalties to nature and to her father.


Nostilax was the half-dragon daughter of Throstulgrael and helped her father settle in the Twilight Marsh. She was his chief lieutenant until she was confronted by an adventuring party sent to recover some items from her father's lair.


Behind the scenesEdit

It is difficult but possible to convince Nostilax to betray her father and also join the Emerald Enclave.