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Nualion Galanodel was an adventurer who had recently arrived in Mulmaster.[1]


Nualion was not certain that he wanted to remain an adventurer and considered returning to Cormanthor, after having developed a crippling case of claustrophobia while in the sewers.[1]


Nualion was a elven druid, originating in Cormanthor, who, with his friend Turami warrior Florio, dwarven cleric Rorik Ironheart, and human ranger Kyra, decided to form an adventuring party in Selgaunt.


In 1491 DR, they went to Mulmaster with the intention of exploring some dwarven ruins in the Earthspur Mountains, but the city watch sergeant, Audra Maskyr, hired them to explore the city's sewers instead. During the exploration, they fought some large rats and lost Rorik Ironheart in a flood. At this point, Nualion and the others met another adventuring party sent by sergeant Maskyr, and, with their help, Nualion and his companions exited from the sewers.[1]




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