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Null was the draconic god of death and undeath with two aspects: The Reaver and the Guardian of the Lost. As the Reaver, he was worshiped by evil dragons and took lives, blessing those who served him in this capacity. As the Guardian, he ferried the souls of dead dragons to Dragon Eyrie and ensured they were no longer troubled by the enemies they may have had in life. Whichever role he was in at the time, he appeared as an impenetrable region of blackness in the shape of a dragon. Legend also had it that to touch him was to instantly die.[1] The Guardian of the Lost was known as Chronepsis on other worlds and planes[2] while the Reaver was known as Faluzure.[citation needed]


As a greater deity whose portfolio included the death of dragons, Null's realm in Dragon Eyrie was on the peak of the plane and no other draconic god contested that territory.[citation needed]


Null was worshiped by dragons of all alignments because of his dual role, whether a goodly dragon wished to speed a lost loved one to the afterlife or an evil one wanted to attack a city with an army of undead, a prayer was said to Null.[citation needed]


Null, as the Guardian of the Lost, was dispassionate and held no allegiances nor enemies, though Labelas Enoreth had an understanding with him.[2]

Null, as the Reaver, hunted Hlal who, legend said, once played a particularly elaborate practical joke on him that enraged him, so much so that he did not give up the chase for aeons, also targeting Hlal's worshipers.[3]


This section is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.


This section is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.


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