The nunchaku was a melee weapon typically used by monks.[1]


The nunchaku was made of two hardwood wands or dowels connected at one end by a leather thong or short length of chain. The dowels were slightly tapered toward the chained end.[citation needed]

An average set of nunchaku weighed 2 lbs (0.9 kg).[1]


An average set of nunchaku cost 2 gp.[1]


It took special training, such as monks received, to use this exotic weapon effectively in melee combat.[1]

Nunchaku could be used to disarm an opponent much like the flail. Monks could take full advantage of this quick, bludgeoning weapon.[1]

The taper of the dowels improved grip and increased the weight of the free-swinging ends.[citation needed]


The nunchaku was a favored weapon of clerics of Waukeen. The goddess herself wielded a nunchaku in the form of a cloud of coins.[4]


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