Nurih yr Catahra al Suhal was a moneylender in the service of the Rundeen in 1370 DR.[1]


Nurih was married to Fahid yn Nur al Suhal, a cowardly moneylender. Fahid inherited the business from his brother but the former lacked business sense. On the contrary, Nurih was very gifted at this job, and soon she was in charge of all save the name. In 1364 DR, profiting in the central mercantile hub of Teshburl, Nurih joined the Rundeen. She often acted for them to exchange large sums of foreign moneys into Calimshan's currencies, which was considered less dangerous there in Teshburl than in Calimport. Her younger sister Melek was also married to Roffas Calindor, a Tethyrian Knight of the Shield.[1]



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