Nurlar (pronounced: /ˈnʌrlærNURR-larr[1]) was a merchant in Ordulin and Scardale in 1357 DR.[1]


Nurlar controlled a network of merchant activities all through interior Faerûn. He moved only between his citadel in Ordulin and his palace in Scardale.[1]


Nurlar started with only two ships inherited from his father around 1345 DR and step-by-step he created his empire. Around 1356 DR, he bought his palace in Scardale.[1]


Nurlar was a sophisticated man who disliked sporting activities. He had a pathological fear of being lost in the wilderness and preferred to remained close to his palace.[1]


Rumors said that Nurlar greatly feared thieves and used many traps to protect his treasure. Rumors also said he wanted to marry an elf maiden he had imprisoned in Scardale.[1]



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