Nurvureem was a draa'zekyl shadow dragon with a fell reputation among the inhabitants of the Dessarin River Valley. She maintained several different lairs, though she favored Rundreth Manor.[1]


Nurvureem was born in 1241 DR shortly after her mother was captured by the malaugrym. Nurvureem was the daughter of Mauzzkyl Jaezred, the Patron Grandfather of the Jaezred Chaulssin but she was lost when the kidnappers were killed by Jaezred Chaulssin assassins.[2]

Nurvureem was not noted in history again until 1304 DR when she was discovered roaming the lands southeast of Triboar between there and the borders of the High Forest.[1] She slew at least three other dragons and many more wyverns before she was discovered by the Jaezred Chaulssin in 1358 DR. The drow let her be, content to observe her until they detected a threat or the possibility of their history being exposed through her.[2]

In 1373 DR, Nurvureem succumbed to the Rage of Dragons, killing several dragon cultists who had come to try and transform her into a dracolich before destroying the village of Uluvin. After the Rage had passed, she aided Cult rebels in Yartar kill off their leaders, Pox and Saurglyce, before informing the local authorities of their presence a few months later.[3]

In 1491 DR, elemental cultists approached her to propose an alliance. She declined the offer and devoured most of them, letting a few live to report their failure. Though curious about the cults, she wanted simply to be left alone.[4]


Nurvureem had a predilection for young, handsome male humans. She enticed them to her by using illusions to appear as a beautiful woman wearing very little in the way of clothing. Those who remained peaceful might be allowed to leave alive, often after falling in love with her, though if she discovered that these so-called "Faithful Few" had spread her secrets (such as in the case of the bard Inder Braelen, who wrote a ballad about her), those men quickly disappeared. Most men however, were eaten as not only did she enjoy the company of young human men, she also particularly enjoyed the taste of their meat.[1]


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