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Basic Information
Nicknames the Wyrm Who Watches[1]
Home Alaron, Moonshae Isles[1]
Gender Male
Race Bronze dragon
Age Ancient[1]
Patron deity Bahamut
Rules Information
Alignment Lawful good[1]

Nymmurh was a bronze dragon gathered to the metallic dragon's council to discuss of the menace of the Cult of the Dragon and Tiamat during the Tyranny of Dragons.[2]


Nymmurh was granitic in his believes, humanity were more better than metallic dragons. His thinking was simple: metallic dragons were create from Bahamut to do the good and they mustn't turn away but lesser species can freely choose to follow goodness. he look Harpers and Order of the Gauntlet as two example of his theory.[2]


Nymmurh for a long time protected the noble Waterdeep family of Silmerhelve to the point that now he show affection to members of the family as example Dala Silmerhelve.[2] He apparently choose the Silverhelve family randomly in 1032 DR and over time Nymmurh manipulated the family's members in order to be more kinder, gentler, and slower to act. Sometimes he appeared in front of Silverhelve members, usually a time for generation, as long-dead ancestor returned to grave (usually the mad Lady Saerista Silmerhelve.[1] He was choose to be member of the Protanther's council but he was his most vocal opponent for the Nymmurh's strong faith in humanity. Possibly an adventures' band send by the Council of Waterdeep convinced him to ally to humanoid races to stop the Cult's plot.[2]



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