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Nyphithys was an erinyes servant of the lich Arklem Greeth.


Nyphithys first visited Arklem Greeth in 1371 DR, after the Archmage Arcane had fled the Host Tower of the Arcane and hid in Mirabar following an attempt on his life. It was while the Archmage was wounded and contemplating his fate that she played to her strengths, using Arklem's frailty of body and spirit to seduce him with her charms. By the time he revealed to her his desire for Lichdom, he was already willing to be her partner. Helping him to gather the neccassary ingredients and knowledge she guidied his transformation into a Lich.[1]

Together they returned to Luskan to kill those who had assaulted the Archmage and, with the help of Nyphithys' devilish allies, purged the Arcane Brotherhood of all those Arklem did not consider loyal. Once the dust had settled and the rebuilding process was underway Arklem honoured the bargin with Nyphithys and agreed to redirect the Brotherhood's focus towards the newly established Silver Marches.[1]

The Pirate KingEdit

She was sent as an emissary to the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. Escorted by two other erinyes and several bearded devils, she met with King Obould in secret.

Unknown to Nyphithys, Obould had sent word to King Bruenor that the Hosttower of the Arcane had sent emissaries to him, and had set an ambush consisting of his own troops as well as those of King Breunor, including Drizzt Do'Urden, Catti-brie, and Thibbledorf Pwent.

Nyphithys conducted negotiations with Obould and Regis over the terms of an alliance, offering the backing of the Hosttower of the Arcane so Obould could expand against the Silver Marches, as well as using her physical charms to attempt to seduce the Orc King. Obould pretended to go along with it briefly, before accusing Nyphithys' offer to in fact be an attempt to enslave the orcs to be used as fodder for the mages. The devil was taken aback by the accusation, and Obould ordered the attack.

Nyphithys and her erinyes companions took to the sky; she ordered them to bind Obould, but she was shot down by Catti-brie's bow, Taulmaril. Forced to the ground, she engaged and was defeated by Drizzt in single combat before being killed by Obould, who had managed to free himself and slice her in half with a single stroke of his greatsword, banishing her to the Nine Hells for a century.

Bruenor complained to Obould that she would have made a good prisoner, but Obould retorted that she made a better trophy. Arklem Greeth was indeed saddened by the loss of his favored servant, but given his heartless nature, it is likely Obould was correct.

Neverwinter NightsEdit

Nyphithys makes an appearance in the first installment of the neverwinter nights campaign, after Maugrim takes control of the Host Tower spreading his influence and gaining a large faction of followers. He only needed to cement his position by removing the current Archmage Arcane Arklem Greeth, trapping him and severing most of his magic, he began removing all who did not follow him, leading to a power struggle within the tower. Maugrim had Nyphithys also trapped in a similar way as she was the only one who had the capability to free Arklem and also since killing her would only return her to her home plane and she could return and interfere in Maugrim's plans. When she encounters the adventurers in her prison in the host power she asks them to free her from her magical bind so that she could assist Arklem to retake the tower from Maugrim.


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