Oars to snakes was a divine magic spell that could be used offensively or defensively, turning a ship's oars into large sea snakes.[1][2]


This spell was similar to sticks to snakes except it was specifically for use on oars, and created a few very large and tough sea serpents that remained in their oarlocks for the duration of the spell. Oars to snakes affected a minimum of three oars for at least a half hour, with more experienced druids able to transform more oars for a longer period of time.[1][2]

Most often cast defensively, a ship's oars could be used to attack boarders. Each snake could engage one enemy at a time and fought with a devastating, poisonous bite. Casting oars to snakes offensively, it had a range of 150 ft (46 m) and the snakes were oriented with their heads inside the ship to attack the rowers.[1][2]

While the oars were in snake form, they were useless for propelling a ship. If any snake was killed in combat, it reverted to a broken and unusable oar when the spell ended. Otherwise, the oars were restored to their original condition.[1][2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a small piece of wood and some scales from a sea snake as material components.[1][2]


This spell was associated with the pirates that roamed the Sea of Fallen Stars[3] and was a particular favorite of druids of Umberlee.[2]


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