This page lists common phrases and oaths in the Realms, those that are not specific to any faith or culture.


By the great mystery 
This was exclaimed when one witnessed something magical or unnatural. Jalma cried this when chasme demons burst through her window[1] and Vajra Valmeyjar swore it when she saw a basilisk turned to stone.[2] [note 1]
By the sainted dog 
Vajra gasped this when Priam Agrivar healed her injuries and woke her.[3]


He/she counts like a halfling 
Someone is just being difficult for no good reason. This was a reference to how halflings were known to count the days of the week starting with their pinky fingers instead of starting with their thumbs like everyone else.[4]



  1. This may be a reference to the goddess of magic Mystra, called the Lady of Mysteries.


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