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Obarskyr is the crown royal noble house of Cormyr. The Obarskyr family rose to prominence originally in Impiltur as a mercenary company. One member of the family, Ondeth, fleeing the political situation and plague in his homeland, took his wife and two sons to a forest to the west of Marsember known as the Wolf Woods in 6 DR and built a settlement. More men joined him and when the elves in the region realized they could not contain the growing number of humans invading the land they chose Ondeth to attempt to bring peace and slow down the settlement's expansion. When Ondeth died, his son Faerlthann became the first king of the realm that the elves and Ondeth had created. In 26 DR, Cormyr was born.[1]

Living membersEdit

  • King Foril Obarskyr, son of Azoun V and Nalara Marliir and current ruler of Cormyr.
  • Erzoured of Dhedluk, illegitimate son of Prince Emvar and Solatha, a merchant's daughter, and the future Count of Dhedluk.
  • Prince Irvel, the crown prince of Cormyr and son of King Foril and the late Queen Jemra.
  • Princess Ospra Goldfeather, the wife of Prince Irvel and mother of his two children.
  • Prince Baerovus, the son of Prince Irvel and Ospra Goldfeather, second in line to the throne.
  • Princess Raedra, the daughter and youngest child of Prince Irvel and Ospra Goldfeather.


Deceased membersEdit


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