King Obould XVII is the seventeenth king in a line of unbroken Oboulds, ruling over the kingdom of Many-Arrows. Obould XVII reunited the tribes in 1460 DR after a series of civil wars split the kingdom. He was the first of his line to attempt the expansion of his power base, sending forces to secure territory in the city of Neverwinter, however, the lieutenant he sent to achieve this, a power-hungry orc female named Vansi, has allied herself with the Abolethic Sovereignty and rather than reporting back to her king, risks turning herself and her warriors into pawns.

In 1484 DR after the Darkening Obould started to lose control of his chieftains[1] Soon after under the orders of Tiago Baenre and Ravel Xorlarrin he was killed by the drow assassin Belween disguised himself as the orc prince Lorgru, who had been kidnapped previously.[2]


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