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The observer was a larger-than-average beholder-kin (6' diameter) with a hard, chitinous skin mottled in shades of pink and purple. It possessed six eye-stalks, three central eyes (evenly spaced around the equator), and three small mouths (one below each central eye). The observer's mouths were not what they appeared to be; each one was actually a sucker attached to the end of a 5' tentacle. The creature normally withdrew these tentacles so that the sucker rested flush against the body. These sucker-mouths could extend to attack nearby targets, and, like the death kiss beholder, they drained blood.[citation needed]

The observer, unlike many beholder-kin, was not malicious; however, the highly intelligent creature lacked any sort of empathy. Observers engaged in an almost obsessive pursuit of knowledge; they would remorselessly eliminate anyone or anything that stood in the way of their research. Many observers would use their powerful psionic abilities to alter the minds of dangerous creatures; these creatures acted as slavishly loyal guards that protected the observers' privacy.[1]


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