Oe-Ura, mostly known as the Peachling Girl, was a heroine in Fochu Peninsula in Wa.[1]


Oe-Ura preferred the company of animals to people. She was an intelligent, quick-witted, and eloquent woman.[1][2]


One day, a poor farmer was fishing when he discovered a peach floating down the Nanaichi River. He took the peach from water and a female child burst from it. He and his wife decided to raise her, naming her Oe-Ura.[1]

Oe-Ura grew strong and the daimyo decided that she would be a menace, ordering her execution. Oe-Ura's parents hid her in the Momoben Forest and were executed in her place.[1]

Oe-Ura from then on became the champion of poor people against corrupt government soldiers, thieving tax collectors, and other threats to the underclass.[1]

Usually she traveled with her companions, the parrot Ai, the monkey Haya, and the wild dog Tomo.[3]

In 1358 DR, she was busy defeating the Blue Kumi Bandits but at last successes than to help of Osari Minhiro and his foreign adventuring party.[3]



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