Not even legends remember fair Netheril as it truly was; folk think of us as decadent, idle, wholly evil necromancers. I wonder how, much else of the history we hold to be true is twisted thus?
  — Rhaugilath, "the Ageless"[1]

Of the Fall of Netheril was a book written by Rhaugilath the Ageless, an archlich of Netheril dwelling at Warlock's Crypt.[1][2]

The book detailed Netheril's complete history. However, Rhaugilath considered the Netherese Diaspora after Netheril's fall to be an integral part of the history, as well as the expected restoration of Netheril, thought to be only beginning in 1374 DR. Thus, Of the Fall of Netheril was never likely to be finished, and it reached several volumes.[2]

Larloch reviewed each chapter as it was completed, and they were delivered to Candlekeep to be archived in the library there.[2]

In one passage, Rhaugilath discussed the phaerimm, the formation of the Anauroch, and history's perception of Netheril.[1]


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