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Ogrémoch, also known as the Prince of Evil Earth,[3] was a powerful archomental from the Elemental Plane of Earth.[2]


Ogrémoch was described as a ten foot tall humanoid made of rock and crystal. His eyes resembled chipped obsidian and and his body sparkled with mica. This was by no means an accurate description however, as few could claim to have ever seen him.[3]


Within the Plane of Earth, in a fortress known as Stonemire, on a plateau near the border with the Plane of Magma, Ogrémoch made his lair. The heat was unbearable and fountains of molten stone, smoke and steam were used as decoration. Tales told of the foundations of the fortress being the entombed bodies of Ogrémoch's still-living enemies.


Ogrémoch was a miser, regarding all resources and treasure within the earth as his. This was not because he needed the wealth, but because of the principle of the thing.[citation needed] What he could not crush under is massive form, he outlasted.[3]


Ogrémoch's greatest desire was to destroy Sunnis, his good-aligned counterpart. He was also antagonistic toward his benevolent twin brother Entemoch. He suspected that Grumbar interfered in his war with Sunnis but could never prove it and had no idea that Grumbar was his father.


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