Ogremoch's Bane was a drifting cloud of sentient, invisible magical dust that lived in the city of Blingdenstone since 1358 DR. Named after the lord of evil earth elementals to contrast the presence of Entemoch's Boon, it moved around the city and any creatures from the Elemental Plane of Earth not of a good alignment that it came into contact with were driven into a mindless destructive rage. These creatures could also not be banished back home, so they must be destroyed in order to get rid of them. During the drow attack of 1371, the cloud diverted quite a few of the Svirfneblin's extra-planar allies from the defense of the city.

Since the fall of the city, the cloud collected more and more earth creatures, elementals, xorns, mephits, thoqquas and others. Rather than making them rage, it had them stand still as statues at the rear of the cavern that housed the city, whispering promises of victory and glory to them in Terran for some unknown purpose.

Elder gnome priests theorized that the cloud's presence was somehow tied to that of Entemoch's Boon.

In 1479 pech identified it as an atypical earth elemental.[1]

During the Rage of Demons time it was confirmed to be native of the Elemental Planes and was sent back by a party of adventurers escaping from drow slavers of Velkynvelve hired by some Deep gnomes factions.[2]


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