The Oigur were a tribe of nomadic humans living in the Hordelands.[1]


The Oigur lived in the southern wastes of the Hordelands. Their territory bordered the lands of the Tuigan, Quirish, and Kashghun tribes.[2]


They spoke their own language.[3]

They were considered rivals of the Naican but were allied with the Gur.[4]


For many ages, the Dalat had raided Naican territory, and the Oigur would sometimes join them in this, leading to the feud between the Naican and Oigur.[4]

When Yamun Khahan came to power and formed his Grand Army of the Tuigan, the Oigur were the second tribe to fall to his conquest.[5] The Oigur became friends with the Gurs, so as not to anger Yamun Khahan.[4]

Notable OigurEdit



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