Oil of obedience was a magical substance that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1][2]


The vast majority of magical potions and oils in Zakhara were found in durable flasks sealed with crystal and wax. These flasks were wider and the bottom than they were at the top.[1][2]

Oil of obedience had a pasty consistency compared to other magical oils.[1][2]


If smeared on the forehead of a sleeping, or otherwise incapacitated person or creature, this oil would place the individual under the command of whoever used the oil on them as soon as they woke.[1][2]

The controlled individual acted like a mindless zombie, incapable of critical thinking involving anything more complicated than basic functions. They needed to be commanded to perform any activity, including walking. Any impossible order was simply ignored. They were not able to cast spells or perform other complex tasks. However, they still had access to any innate magical abilities. If ordered to perform a self-destructive act, there was a chance that the individual would resist the command.[1][2]

The effects of oil of obedience last for 1–6 hours.[1][2]

This oil had no effect if used on someone who was awake, or someone who woke during the application process.[1][2]

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