Oil of romance was a magical substance that could be found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1][2]


The vast majority of magical potions and oils in Zakhara were found in durable flasks sealed with crystal and wax. These flasks were wider and the bottom than they were at the top.[1][2]

Oil of romance had the distinct odor of rotting fish.[1][2]


To properly use this oil the user poured the oil on the ground before a doorway or on a window sill. The user then spoke the name of someone of the opposite sex. If the named person crossed the threshold where the oil was poured, they behaved as if under the influence of a powerful charm spell cast by the individual who poured the oil. In addition to this, the charmed person looked upon the person who poured the oil with loving feelings.[1][2]

The effects of oil of romance did not wear away naturally over time. Only a dispel magic or limited wish spell could negate them.[1][2]

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