Oka Sanai was a retainer of the Goshukara clan in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Sanai was a noted satirist, writing some pamphlets against the Funada clan.[2]


In 1357 DR, after Oka Yoshinaka and Mashida Kowa had clashed with the Gamo brothers, Hidenobu, Mitsutoshi, and Mochikuni, thanks to a plot by Funada Toyoo, Sanai was framed for a satirical pamphlet against the three Gamos. Sanai and his friends thought the Gamo had framed Sanai and wanted revenge.[2]


Sanai was always ready to offer sound advice and wise counsel to his friends. He disliked physical exertion and always tried to win battles with a minimum of effort.[1]



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