The Olósynne Dynasty ruled over Aglarond between 1065 DR and 1425 DR. It began with the half-elf King Brindor's victory over Velprin and ended with the apparent death of Alassra Shentrara, "the Simbul".[1]


King Brindor 
Reigned 1065 DR1128 DR. First king of Aglarond.
King Althon 
Reigned 1128 DR1189 DR. Became known as Althon the Old.
King Elthond 
Reigned 1189 DR1194 DR. First son of Althon.
King Philaspur 
Reigned 1194 DR1197 DR. Second son of Althon.
Mage-Queens Thara and Ulae 
Reigned 1197 DR1257 DR under joint rule. Twin daughters of Philaspur.
King Halacar 
Reigned 1257 DR1260 DR. Son of Ulae. Killed by agents of Thay.
Mage-Queen Ilione 
Reigned 1260 DR1320 DR. Daughter of Ulae.
Alassra Shentrara, "the Simbul
Reigned 1320 DR1425 DR. Ilione's apprentice and named successor.


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