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The Olósynne Dynasty ruled over Aglarond between 1065 DR and 1425 DR. It began with the half-elf King Brindor's victory over Velprin and ended with the apparent death of Alassra Shentrara, "the Simbul".[1]


King Brindor 
Reigned 1065 DR - 1128 DR. First king of Aglarond.
King Althon 
Reigned 1128 DR - 1189 DR. Became known as Althon "the Old".
King Elthond 
Reigned 1189 DR - 1194 DR. First son of Althon.
King Philaspur 
Reigned 1194 DR - 1197 DR. Second son of Althon.
Mage-Queens Thara and Ulae 
Reigned 1197 DR - 1257 DR under joint rule. Twin daughters of Philaspur.
King Halacar 
Reigned 1257 DR - 1260 DR. Son of Ulae. Killed by agents of Thay.
Mage-Queen Ilione 
Reigned 1260 DR - 1320 DR. Daughter of Ulae.
Alassra Shentrara, "the Simbul
Reigned 1320 DR - 1425 DR. Ilione's apprentice and named successor.


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