Olara was a monk at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[1]


Olara was a monk in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose and a member of the Order of the Scroll of the Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred. Her duty was to act as a librarian. Secretly, she was also a member of the Cult of Howling Hatred.[1]


Olara was one of the cultists who infiltrated the monastery in 1491 DR.[1] However, she and Glavel were discovered by Lana. Despite being left for dead after their meeting, Lana survived and in Mulmaster told of her discovery to the Order of the Gauntlet, the Lords' Alliance, and Zor Garwyl Gos, who hired an adventuring party to investigate.[2] When the adventurers arrived at the monastery, they confronted her.[1]


Olara was the lover of Glavel, a fellow cultist.[1]


Olara was a little crazy, mumbling to herself on occasion. It wasn't easy convincing her to talk.[1]




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