The Olaundran family was one of four satraps that ran the trading town of Delzimmer to their liking without any real authority to do so, circa the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR.[1][2][3] Although business rivals, the four families agreed long ago to keep their differences civil, at least in public, and prevent clashes on the streets between their companies of armed guards.[4][5]


Around this time, the Olaundrans were nominally led by "Old" Gauthklaun Olaundran, but his health was failing to the point where he had grown frail, and his two sons, Yolaun and Bezrar, were the de facto leaders of the clan. All twelve of the living family members were easily recognized and well known throughout the city. They traveled surrounded by a ring of servants in the family livery wherever they went, and each of them randomly had a new hobby or interest that sooner or later brought every shopkeeper, craftsperson, artist, poet, dancer, or musician in town to their attention.[2][3]

One can always tell an Olaundran—from as far as the eye can see.
— Delzemaer saying

The Olaundrans tended to overindulge in the pleasures of life and had round bodies that they decorated with expensive, fashionable clothing. The family color was gold—not yellow, but gold as the color of "cloth-of-gold" or shimmerweave—often trimmed in white or cream. The family crest was six gold coins arranged in a circle on a scarlet field. Each coin had an open eye outlined in black, giving them the local nickname of "watchcoins".[4][5] Although the family sometimes varied their dress according to the latest fashion, their servants always wore uniforms in the family color with the watchcoin blazon on the back, over the breast, on the shoulder, and as belt buckles.[2][3]


All the satraps of Delzimmer were in the business of outfitting caravans, warehousing goods, and supplying banking services such as moneychanging and loans to costers, merchants, and trading companies whose goods passed through Delzimmer.[4][5] The Olaundrans had many investments in shipping up and down the Sword Coast which made them extremely wealthy; the epitome of the idle rich.[2][3]


The Olaundrans owned prime real estate in many cities in Amn, Calimshan, and Tashalar.[2][3]

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It was widely believed in Delzimmer that the Olaundran servants slept in their uniforms and only took them off three or four times a day when the family laundry brigade came by to give them a freshly washed outfit.[2][3]

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