Old Dulwar's Leatherworks was a tannery and leatherworking shop just outside Dagger Falls in Daggerdale.[2]


Situated outside of the River Gate on the eastern side of Dagger Falls, Old Dulwar's Leatherworks stood at the junction of the Tethyamar Trail and the Tesh Trail.[2]



Inside Dulwar's Leatherworks, the smell of oil and leather suffused the building beneath a high-beamed ceiling, while hides of leather were piled along the walls and all manner of leather clothing was stacked upon shelves. The floor was spattered with oil and a large table with works in progress dominated the shop room.[3]


Dulwar's Leatherworks offered many sturdy and reliable tanned goods services to all customers who needed such goods. These included items such as leather bracers, boots, clothing, horse harnesses, tack, scabbards and sheaths. Even during the Zhent occupation of Dagger Falls, the shop continued to offer goods to the garrisoned troops, whilst simultaneously operating as a safe house for Randal Morn's freedom fighters.[2][4]

A team of well-equipped tanners would also make their way to the far-flung landowners of Daggerdale to help butcher livestock and purchase their hides.[2]


Around 1359 DR, the merchant Dulwar set up his leatherworking shop in Dagger Falls after a number of lucrative ventures with Randal Morn and Mestin Durmark.[2][3]

During the occupation of Daggerdale and Dagger Falls by the Zhents, the shop operated as an escape route and safe house for those loyal to Randal Morn's freedom fighters. All the while, the proprietor Dulwar provided goods to the occupying forces who suspected little of his true allegiance and activities.[5]

In 1369 DR, Dulwar helped Randal Morn reclaim Dagger Falls by using his shop as a place to relay information about troop movements and numbers.[3] After the defeat of the Zhents by Randal Morn's forces, Dulwar and his team of tanners worked closely with the priests of Lathander's Light in the rebuilding of their temple by moving supplies for them.[2]

In 1479 DR, Dulwar's great-grandson, Mathuc, ran the leatherworking shop. The shop still supplied leather goods to the locals and Mathuc happily kept his great-grandfather's name over the shop, especially as it helped to keep him elected as mayor of Dagger Falls.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Dulwar's close friendship with Randal Morn increasingly became a well-known rumor after the removal of the Zhents.[2]


In both Dulwar and Mathuc's time as owners, they kept a group of tanners and hunters to help run and supply the shop.[2][1]


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