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Old Empires sourcebook
Cover of the Old Empires sourcebook.
TSR9274 (FR10)
Old Empires
Basic Information
Author(s) Scott Bennie[1]
Publisher TSR, Inc.[1]
Cover Artist Brom[1]
Interior Artist Valerie Valusek[1]
Type Accessory[1]
Realm year(s) 1357 DR[3]
Binding Paperback
Released February 1990[2]
Pages 96
ISBN 10 0-88038-821-8
ISBN 13 978-0880388214
Series FR series
Preceded by The Bloodstone Lands
Followed by Dwarves Deep

Old Empires is a Forgotten Realms 2nd edition supplement detailing the regions of Mulhorand, Unther, and Chessenta.[1]

This booklet presents the Old Empires for DMs and players alike. Descriptions of all the major cities and towns, maps of the most important ones, information on the people, places, economics, geography, and cultures of these countries are within these pages.

Prepare, then, to enter the realms of god-kings and pharaohs, of strange magic unknown even to the likes of the Red Wizards of Thay. These are the Old Empires.[4]


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