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Old Men's Bones was a classic game played in Faerûn.[1][2]


An Old Men's Bones set consisted of tiny bones that were poured into a pile. The object of the game was to remove the bones one at a time from the pile without disturbing the other bones in the pile.[1][2]

Cheaper sets were made from the bones of birds;[2] however, sets constructed from the slivered bones of wyverns, dragons, or other dangerous creatures also existed.[1] Aurora's Emporium promised that none of their sets were made from the bones of sentient humanoids.[1]

The bones were usually stored in a leather[2] or metal tube canister.[1][2]


The game originated in Phlan and the Moonsea region.[1]



Old Men's Bones is based on the real-life game of pick-up sticks.[1][2]


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