In the Heralds of Faerûn organization, Old Night was one of the High Heralds.[1][2][3][4] The sign of Old Night was an ancient, broken bronze shield hung on the wide trunk of an oak tree, surrounded by oak leaves.[5] This office was in charge of training the Heralds Pursuivant, including the "everchanging offices" of Green Shield and Gauntlet. Additionally, Old Night was the head librarian of Herald's Holdfast,[5] the greatest repository of heraldic lore, genealogy, and historic documents of the primary sentient races in North Faerûn.[6][7]

Ironically, Old Night was the most scholarly and reclusive of the High Heralds,[4][8] and yet the most well known to the peoples of Faerûn because of the authority the office wielded over matters of heraldry and the Law of Arms.[1] The public perception of Old Night was that of an ancient, powerful, benevolent wizard with a mercurial streak, but at least two of the office holders in the 14th century DR (Farsyr and Shalara) were rangers.[5]


The rod of office was a crooked and rough wizard's staff made from the remains of a cracked bronze shield, crushed into the shape of a walking-stick. It could be used as a wand of paralyzation and had other powers known only to the High Heralds.[5]

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