Old One Eye was a beer brewed in Llorbauth[1] from the Hills' Cheer Distillery & Brewery.[2] It was also sold through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1][2]


Araneth Idogyr acquired the recipe for Old One Eye from a cyclops whom he met, and befriended, during the Goblin Wars of 1358 DR.[1]

Similar to the brews from Calimshan, this brew had a light coloring but a higher alcohol content compared to its northern counterparts. Old One Eye had a red coloration that developed during the brewing process. The aftertaste was decidedly hot due to its secret ingredients.[1]

It was considered one of the best liquors one could purchase outside of the Purple Hills.[2]


Old One Eye could be purchased in the following containers:[1]

  • Hand keg (15 cp)
  • Cask (1 gp)
  • Barrel (3 gp)
  • Butt (7 gp)
  • Tun (15 gp)




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