See also: Old Road (Vilhon Reach)

The Old Road is a cracked cobblestone road that has partly fallen into disrepair and become overgrown. It links Elven Port, the Nameless Dungeon and Mhiilamniir.[1]

Where the Old Road splits off and leads to the Nameless Dungeon there is a guardpost with no less than 25 moon and gold elves from Silverymoon and Evereska. Adventurers who want to visit the Nameless Dungeon will be escorted there only if they have the appropriate token in their possession. Travellers who only want to travel further west along the Old Road will be carefully watched over by the elves.[2]

The Old Road gradually switches from a stone-paved road to a well-worn log road, then to a footpath and finally ends in a small grove.[2]


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