The Old Skull Inn was a popular inn in Shadowdale.[1]


The Old Skull Inn was owned by Jhaele Silvermane. As of 1375 DR, Jhaele's oldest son, Durgo Silvermane, had taken on the duties as innkeeper of the Old Skull.[1]


It consisted of three floors and a cellar.[1]


The Old Skull Inn was built in 1280 DR by Buldo Silvermane on top of the ruins of the Twisted Tower Inn. The Old Skull became a common stop for adventurers, merchants, and travelers along the North Ride.

During the Zhentarim invasion in 1375 DR, the inn was taken over.[1]


The Old Skull was known for the honesty of its staff, the quality of the food and drink, and its relative safety in the center of Shadowdale.[1] It was also known throughout the Heartlands as one of the best adventuring lairs in all of Faerûn. This reputation led to the term "oldskull" being used outside of the Dalelands to describe an excellent place to drink.[2]



It was rumored that there were secret passages beneath The Old Skull Inn that lead to The Old Skull Tor and eventually to the Underdark.[2]




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