Oldstone Hall was a manor house located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr and home of the town's lords.[1][2][3]


The manor house lay in the center of town, on Wheloon Way, opposite the Wheloon Moothouse.[1][2][3]


Oldstone Hall was the grandest building in Wheloon. Its façade was an impressive edifice of soot-darkened stone, intricately decorated with carved monsters: gargoyles, gremlins, jabbrawuks, satyrs, and wyverns. It was built in the style of early Cormyrean manor houses, of palatial size and almost a castle, suggesting old pride, old wealth, and old entitlement.

It was surrounded by large paddock of lush, well-groomed grass, dotted with many big and old duskwood, oak, and shadowtop trees. This was, in turn, enclosed by high stone walls and a set of gates. Stone monsters on plinths also flanked the gates and rested on the walls.[2][3]


The gates were warded against unauthorized visitors by ring wards that triggered a warning alarm if contacted.

Of the stone monsters guarding the walls and manor, the gargoyles were said to animate if commanded by the lord of Wheloon or the Court Wizard of Cormyr.[2]


Oldstone Hall was the home of the lords of Wheloon. In the mid-to-late 14th century DR, this was Lord Sarp Redbeard. Other privileged guests could stay there, such as the king's messengers, War Wizards, and some Harpers. Few others were allowed beyond the gates.[2][3]


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