Olhydra, the Princess of Evil Water, was a powerful archomental from the Elemental Plane of Water.[1][2]


In her natural state, she appeared as a huge cresting wave with two eyes like large pearls[2] or as a shapeless watery mass about 20 ft (6.1 m) in diameter.[1]


Olhydra delighted in creating dangerous and destructive manifestations of water. She was eager to smash any vessel in her realm and destroy any city and town within her reach.[citation needed] She could surge forth tirelessly and relentlessly, but was patient enough to know when to draw back and when to attack, eroding her opponent.[2]

Of all the Princes of Elemental Evil, she was the most interested in mortals. She recognized pirates and seafaring raiders as her agents, whether they knew it or not, because they reddened the water with blood and occasionally dropped treasure into her clutches. She sometimes spared the worst of them, knowing they would deliver others to her.[citation needed]


She sought to turn the world into an endless, nightmarish ocean.[citation needed]


Neither Olhydra nor her followers were fond of Imix and his followers.[1] Yet both recognized the Elder Elemental Eye as their father.[citation needed]


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