Olisara Lightsong was a Harper agent in Phlan in 1489 DR.[2]


Olisara was possibly involved in an expedition to Throstulgrael's lair. The Harper's objective was to recover the belongings of a Harper agent killed by the dragon.[2] In 1491 DR Olisara was in Mulmaster as a lead Harper agent for the Moonsea region and possibly asked some adventurers hired by Blade Cora Peytir to save a member of the Cult of the Black Earth who wanted to defect to the Harpers.[1] During the Rage of Demons Olisara was near Hillsfar and hired an adventuring party to investigate some cases of kidnapped farmers in the area, possibly related to the Red Plumes.[3]


Olisara was a wise lead agent. She was a direct individual with a dry sense of humor. Olisara displayed an almost disconcerting amount of knowledge regarding those with whom she held audience using this to bend them to her agenda.[3]




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