Olmaer Naxrin was a traveling merchant that traded in Sembia. He occasionally traveled to Voonlar to oversee investments for the Zhentarim.[1][2]


Olmaer moved with catlike grace and usually spoke quietly and diplomatically.[1][2]


He was merciless when the need arose. He killed quickly and efficiently, often using poisoned weapons.[1][2]


Olmaer was both nimble and strong, and a specialist with the longsword.[1][2]


He wore bracers of defense, a ring of protection and wielded a longsword. He also had a hand crossbow and a poisoned dart gun.[1][2]


Olmaer was an agent of the Zhentarim that traveled to Voonlar as part of his itinerary. He gathered intelligence and kept an eye on Bron Buorstag Hlammythyl and his deputies,[1][2] occasionally making suggestions that were carried out like orders.[1][3]


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