Olothontor was an unusual blue dragon living near Waterdeep in the 1373 DR.[1]


Olothontor wanted to find a female blue dragon mate who could sing (a nearly impossible task), heard the music of all the finest minstrels on Toril, and collected items and spells that helped in his project. Often, he tried to approach song dragons but always without results because Olothontor's personality always repelled those good-oriented dragons.[1]


During the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, Olothontor was courting the song dragon Karasendrieth but the good dragon, in order to distract him, gave Olothontor hints about a bardic spell able to suppress the Rage. Quickly, he started studying bardic music and thanks to this Olothontor managed to suppress and survive the Rage.[1]


Olothontor, despite not being a good creature, had an obsession for fine music. He truly wanted to survive the Rage.[1]


Olothontor had some contacts with a large number of musicians and Harpers who gave some music to him in exchange for protection. He once mated with the adult blue dragon Ingeireirautha of Anauroch but their relationship ended badly and they occasionally skirmished.[1]



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