Olympus was a shared divine realm. In the Great Wheel cosmology, it was located in Arvandor, the first layer of Arborea.[1] It was the realm of Tyche, among many other deities.[2][3]


The realm was a vast and plentiful pastoral environment, rich with olive groves, apple and orange orchards, and sheep herds roaming the rolling hills. The pleasant cities and villages were built with characteristic white walls along the shores of a blue sea or scattered among the mountainsides.[1]

Tyche's realm was located on the slopes of Mount Olympus in a relatively small estate among the huge temples and estates dedicated to other deities that took up residence in the realm.[1]

The wilderness of the realm was populated with nature spirits that demanded tribute of travelers. The landscape was also peppered with shrines and dwellings of nymphs, satyrs, and sylphs.[1]


Much of the trade in the realm was conducted in the town of Thrassos at the edge of Olympus. It was famous for its olive oil, furniture, art pieces, and works of bronze.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit


The Olympians refused the advancement of technology, having remained at a technological level reminiscent of the ancient ages. They were aware of the existence of new inventions, but just chose not to adopt them.[1]



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