Oman Island was an isle near the center of the Moonshae archipelago. Prior to the Spellplague the island was a center of Northlander culture and was under control of the Kendrick dynasty. After the Spellplague, a group of Fomorian giants entered through a gate from the Feywild and conquered the island. The Fomorians were ruled by Queen Connomae who lived in the Feywild. Due to the Formorian presence the island was nearly uninhabited by civilized races.[2]

Notable locationsEdit

  • Cairn of Thelgarr Ironhand - Legendary burial place of Jarl Thelgarr Ironhand. Said to contain much treasure.
  • Iron Keep - Formerly the home of the Northlander ruler, the keep was given to an Ettin by the Formorians.
  • Oman Moonwell - A gate to the Feywild.


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