Ondrath Everwood was a best "tracker" among the War Wizards of Cormyr.[1]


In 1480 DR, Manshoon decided he needed him in order to uncover the killer inside Castle Irlingstar. Therefore, thanks to a distraction provided by some eyeballs, Manshoon managed to dominate Everwood's mind and send him on the hunt.

However, his first duty for Manshoon was to eliminate the War Wizard Malver Tulbard, who was investigating Sraunter. He tried to kill Malver at Gocklin's dining place, but the intervention of Lord Tauntshaw saved Malver's life.

Later, Manshoon decided to use Ondrath as his main body. However, Ondrath died when Elminster Aumar, after regaining his true body, destroyed Manshoon for the final time.[1]



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