Ondrin Dracohorn was a member of the Dracohorn noble house of Cormyr.


Ondrin was short with ordinary looks and pale blue eyes. He always dressed in current fashions, and possessed a large metal brooch with a two-headed serpent and three swords.[1]


Ondrin rose to prominence by buying up property in Cormyr using the money from his shipping business based in Marsember and Saerloon. There were rumors that Ondrin partook in smuggling, piracy and slaving to make a bigger profit. Ondrin was known for not being able to keep his mouth shut.[1]

In 1369 DR, during the abraxus affair, Ondrin met secretly with High Wizard Vangerdahast to discuss his proposal to transfer the power of Cormyr to a council of noble houses, making Vangerdahast into a regent, via a voting system.[1]


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