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This page contains listings for games running via the internet, including those played using email, chat room, discussion group, and wiki. The intention of this page is that games listed here can recruit players, gain an audience, and act as examples for new GMs starting out on the twisty and perilous path of running an online game.

Play by ForumEdit

Power swirls through the land of Faerûn. Most grab at whatever they can. Mages are becoming more and more frequent, and many fear their unchecked growth. Dark organizations grow in power, and forces of good like the Harpers are waning for reasons no one fully understand. Worshipers of Shar are becoming much more frequent, and more bold in their actions. Use of the Shadow Weave is becoming common, even among average mages who don't even worship Shar. The Shades of a once-great Netheril empire have returned, and have been quick to snatch up land in the North, unchecked by kingdoms that fear the ancient power these groups hold. Rumors flow through the land of an alliance between the Shadowvar and the drow of the Underdark. The forces of light are scrambled, needing a foothold so that they may join together and hold off this tide of enemies.

Yet life goes on in Faerûn as it always does. Adventurers wander the land, seeking ancient treasures or a dragon's hoard. Kings fight to defend their small kingdoms against orc raiders.

Our former board crashed, but our new one is up and running!

Accepting new players.
Setting:Both Cannon and Original Characters are accepted. We operate in 3.5ed. We allow some material from other settings.
Style:Based more on the writing/RPing aspect of D&D than the actual stats, Faerûn is a place for your imagination to go wild. You can play anyone, whether it be a level one fighter with a desire to adventure or a powerful Necromancer ready to assault Luskan with hordes of undead!
Region:Faerûn, though RPs on other continents/worlds/planes are allowed
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Special rules:See Forum

Forgotten Realms
Description Coming Soon!
Accepting new players.
Setting:Only Original Characters are accepted. We use Savage Worlds for our ruleset (you don't need to understand the rules to play and we walk you through character creation)
Style:We're focused on storytelling and writing, though player character should be typical "heroes", not in terms of alignment but in terms of their willingness to pursue a higher calling that awaits them in adventure
Region:Faerûn near Baldur's Gate
Started: 2012 (about 5 years old)
Players:12+ (split into two games)
Special rules:Classless System - See Forum

Ber Toun
A lesser known town in Faerûn is a town overran by smart Bears know only as "Ber Toun".
Accepting new players.
Setting:Original Characters
Style:We base our rules off 3.5. We go through DM's, so what ever that person thinks up goes.
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Special rules:See Forum

Play by Neverwinter NightsEdit

Realms of Trinity
Many years ago, a wizard named Cain had mastered his art and began seeking a way to overcome his own mortality. Forging a pact with the darkest gods, Cain was taken into the pits of the Nine Hells and reformed into a demon of immense proportions. Returning to the world of mortals, Cain destroyed everything in his path and summoned a massive horde of evil beings to serve as his underlings. These creatures decimated all opposition, including the followers of the dark gods who Cain had sworn allegiance to.

Those few who managed to survive sought refuge in the bustling port town of Trinity. With its substantial army and formidable navy, Trinity’s leaders believed the invading force could be trampled in a matter of days. Orders were given and the battalion marched forth to bring peace to the land. They fought valiantly, seemingly without fear, until their opponents were pushed back into the darkness.

“Victory,” one of the fighters called out into the night, his sword covered in the black blood of his enemies. His companions raised their weapons into the air and were about to shout when an earthquake knocked them all flat. A gush of wind blew past, almost as if it was running from something, then Cain appeared…and the screams of the dying began in earnest.

Within days, hundreds of courageous adventurers met their doom at the hands of Cain, but none were able to match his terrifying might or awesome feats of magic. Then the Heroes of Trinity, armed with mystical weapons and extraordinary abilities, faced Cain in his own fortress, Hell’s Keep. The battle was long, but the Heroes of Trinity managed the impossible, extinguishing Cain’s life force and sending him back to the Hells, defeated.

Now, over two years later, the stirrings of trouble are beginning anew. The dwarves, sworn to protect the mystical weapons of our Heroes in their mountain fortress, have reported dissention in their ranks. Holo Cross, a Paladin of Tyr, has betrayed his deity and captured the Isle of Repent, using it as a staging ground for an assault on the mainland. The port city of Saerton has declared war against Trinity, sending ships filled with armed troops to raid villages and capture supplies in order to begin a siege on Trinity, itself. A call has gone out for adventurers to assist Trinity in its time of need...will you tempt the fates and face this deadly challenge?

Accepting new players.
Setting:1604-1607 DR
Region:Sembia, Cormyr
Started:September 2008 (about 9 years old)
Special rules:See forum

Forgotten Realms Cormyr (FRC)
It is a time of darkness... It is a time of hope...

The family Obarskyr, the ruling monarchy of Cormyr still weeps the passing of King Azoun IV. The great king has died leaving prince Azoun V to rule, but he is just an infant. Princess Alusair has assumed the throne, ruling Cormyr as regent until her sapling nephew matures. In the wake of a humanoid invasion the City of Arabel (one of Cormyrs finest cities) still lays mostly in ashes. The monarchy of Cormyr and the City of Arabel have been rampaged. Many towns and fortresses lay smouldering and destroyed by humanoid armies. The army of humanoids, re-enforced by cadres of Zhentarim spies and Red Wizards has been snapped under the heel of Cormyrs army. Led by the Purple Dragon Knights the lands of Cormyr have won their first major battles of the war. The royal family Obarskyr, and all the lands of Cormyr face their darkest hour.

The humanoid invaders have been mostly dispatched to the forests and the hills. Humanoid raids upon the common lands of Cormyr remain quite frequent. Darker forces threaten to emerge and strike while the Cormyr flounders to recover from the recent invasions. Zhentarim spies, Red Wizards, humanoid warlords, undead and worse still roam the fertile lands of Cormyr. With the temporary decline of the crown, enemies have emerged to challenge the authority of the Steel Regent. The order of knights called the Purple Dragons who are sworn to protect the crown, are scattered about the countryside scarcely able to maintain order in the lands.

The Darkhold, Zhentarim seat of power in the region, lays to the west pressing it's forces into the lands of Cormyr. They seek to wrestle away the grip of order, benefit from the greed of local authorities and otherwise wreak havoc upon the lands in order to fill their purses with Cormyr's riches. Many townships have fallen into anarchy. Many provinces fueled by the greed of local warlords teeter on the brink of secession. The Zhent see and feel the fortunes of opportunity headed their way.

Your adventure begins in the village of Isinhold, the southern-most settlement inside of Cormyr. Once an elvish stronghold established to prevent the flow of humanoids between two mountain chains passes, the area now is home to the prodigious race of humans. This area has also ravaged by the humanoid hordes, but has always been acustomed to the rougher ways of the world, and has similarly quickly recovered. As of now the main economy of the region is supplying adventurers who are flowing in from surrounding countries, territories or sometimes simply refugees from embattled lands. It is not unheard of to see travelers from all across the Faerûn pass through Isinhold. Adventurers are needed to thin the ranks of the enemies that face Cormyr. Will you rise to the challenge?

Accepting new players.
Setting:Mostly canon, with slight changes to timeline.
Style:A team of dedicated DMs run a variety of plots involving one or more characters, but DM interaction is not needed to play.
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Special rules:See gaming forum

Play by ChatEdit

Play by Discussion GroupEdit

Play by EmailEdit

Play by WikiEdit

It is 1366 DR, the Year of the Staff. A group of elves and their allies are taking steps to reverse The Retreat and create a Faerûn-wide community.
Accepting new players.
Setting:Mostly canon
Style:Collaborative storytelling, one or two characters per player. Several GMs running different threads within the same campaign which sometimes cross.
Started: 2001 (about 16 years old)
Special rules:Standard; no monks. PHB standard races, Races of Faerûn available with approval.

Play by Virtual Table Top

Hauteville : A Forgotten Realms Campaign
Trouble has been brewing under Hauteville, and brave adventurers are needed to investigate the mysterious basement of 'Ye Olde Inne' <tr classStandard; no Psionics.
The following software will be required to play online.
Maptools :
Teamspeak :"hiddenStructure">
Accepting new players.
Setting:Mostly canon
Style:1 DM running the game over the internet using Maptools
Region:The North (Mirabar)
Started: 2007 (about 10 years old)
Special rules:Standard; no Psionics.
The following software will be required to play online.
Maptools :
Teamspeak :

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