Oortlings were docile humanoids with enlarged brains who were bred by illithids inhabiting Realmspace as a food source.[1]


Oortlings resembled dwarves, but were very pallid and had bloated skulls which housed overdeveloped brains.[1]


Oortlings who were not being actively raised as cattle in the rings of Glyth lived in small communities inside comets across Realmspace. They fed on the mineral-rich ice from the comets, which provided them nourishment that simple water could not replace.[1]


Oortlings once had a sophisticated culture and were capable of constructing beautiful palaces from the ice of their comet homes, until they were dominated early in their history by the mind flayers across most crystal spheres.[1]

In Realmspace, oortlings originally inhabited the comet K'Thoutek, but they were kidnapped by the mind flayers and transferred to the rings of Glyth to be bred and raised as cattle.[2]

By the mid-14th century DR, even though oortlings could be found on many comets across Realmspace, the entire race had been reduced to a broken and fearful tribal society, its once advanced and sophisticated culture destroyed. However, although all creativity and curiosity had been bred out of the race by the illithids, the potential for great advances still had not.[1]


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