The Ooze Master was a monstrous intelligent ooze in the Doomvault dungeon.[1]


The Ooze Master believed that all Red Wizards needed to be fused with oozes in order to achieve immortality and it welcomed all that arrived in its presence as new apprentices that needed its gift.[1]


It was similar to a lich as, after it was destroyed, it reappeared asleep in the nearby Red Pillar, and it could only truly be slain with the destruction of the Phylactery Vault. If a person was killed by fluids secreted by the Red Pillar, then the Ooze Master gained the knowledge and memories of the dead. It was linked to the White Maw and knewn if it was slain.[1]


The Ooze Master was the result of one of the experiments of the transmuter Sarkalla to create a sentient ooze. It had once been a Red Wizard that Sarkalla successfully fused with an ooze. It became a powerful creature but was not the perfect assassin that Sarkalla had sought.

Rumors and LegendsEdit

In 1486 DR, it was destroyed by the heroes of Daggerford.[1]




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