The ooze para-genasi were para-genasi, meaning they were genasi with a bloodline from two elemental planes—water and earth.


The ooze para-genasi were known to have a disgusting outward appearance and also known for their repulsive personalities. They where heavyset and durable with drooping bodies and yellowish skin. They usually wore darker earth tone colors. Many had tells of their heritage, such as very bendable limbs or slimy skin. They usually reeked and most people would probably have called them utterly repulsive.


As a general rule, they had a hard time being "charismatic" with their lack in personal skills and stench, but on the other hand they were very sturdy and healthy. Their ancestry also gave the protection from acid and as they grew in ability so did their ability to resist acid. They also had the ability to use the grease spell just as a sorcerer of equal ability.


Ooze para-genasi clerics worshiped deities with the slime domain.[citation needed]



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