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Opinicus, a name used when referring to both one or many, were strange good-hearted creatures found in the deserts and ruins of Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


Opinicus appeared to be a blend of several animals. They possessed the body of a camel with the face of a monkey. They also had a lion’s mane and tail with eagle wings sprouting from their back. Their front paws had opposable thumbs, allowing them to grasp things like monkeys.[1]

Most opinicus were light brown or golden in color, with darker faces and wings.[1]


Though they usually avoided combat, opinicus had a strong hatred of evil creatures, especially undead and al-jahar, whom they attacked on sight. They would often come to the aid of a good cause.[1]

Their sharp senses made it nearly impossible to surprise an opinicus. They were very stealthy creatures, allowing them to sneak up on others with ease.[1]

During combat, an opinicus attempted to strike an opponent with its front paws, followed up by a rake with the rear claws.[1]

These creatures were able to turn undead similar to a priest. Additionally, they possessed the following spell-like abilities: holy word and heal. They could become ethereal at will.[1]

The unique attack of an opinicus was a glowing gaze that created a cone of light that damaged any undead or creatures of the lower planes.[1]

Opinicus possessed natural psionic talents. Though they usually used them for travelling and playing pranks, they could be used during combat as well. These powers included: probability travel, teleport, astral projection, dimensional door, dimension walk, dream travel, teleport trigger, time/space anchor, telekinesis, animate object, control wind, inertial barrier, and levitation.[1]


Ancient ruins were the preferred home of an opinicus. When found elsewhere, they were usually on some kind of personal mission. They enjoyed playing harmless pranks on travelers.[1]

An opinicus could live for centuries. Many sages believed they were initially summoned to battle vargouilles or Al-Jahar.[1]


These creatures did not have much of an influence on their habitat. They would sometimes clean the ruins they called home, or make sculptures to decorate them.[1]



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