Oraundas Haeltower was a vintner from Tethyr.[1]

He who was best known for producing drinkable but rather unexceptional table wines sold throughout the Sword Coast. His wines kept well and were a favorite among innkeepers and shopkeepers. His vast vineyards lay northeast of Vineshade in the Purple Hills region of Tethyr. Although Haeltower's wines were transported in wooden casks, many buyers bottled the wine in glass bottles for resale.[1]

In 1479 DR, many strange items were found in bottles of Haeltower wines. These items included gold rings, gems, and ornate keys. The Tethyrian queen ordered an investigation led by Storl Thammuraster who, with the help of a Sembian wizard named Amaront of Selgaunt, uncovered an Amnian smuggling operation run by several prominent noble families.[1]


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